Michaela & Ofer

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Michaela & Ofer's Story

Michaela was found by Pegasus wandering in a field near a busy road; she was almost 100% blind which made it difficult for her to find food and water. We assumed she was abandoned and took her back to the "Susita" Sanctuary.

A few days later, while in the field with the rest of the donkeys, Zvika noticed Michaela standing in the corner of the field with small white figure lying on the ground next to her. Michaela had given birth to Ofer! 

Due to the lack of nutrition during her pregnancy, Ofer was born prematurely and with serious problems with his two front legs. He had some trouble standing up and walking but with the special care and attention from the Pegasus team and the vet he managed to lift himself up and wobble around. When Ofer was a bit older we took him and Michaela to the veterinary hospital and there he had casts put on his legs for a few weeks.

Ofer and Michaela are both still at the sanctuary and his legs are under close veterinary supervision.