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Eldad's Story

Eldad was found by and named after Eldad Hagar — an Israeli guy who founded an animal rescue organization in Los Angeles, together with his wife which they call Hope for Paws — Animal Rescue. Eldad was driving along a local road near Yeruham, he spotted the donkey and immediately pulled over to check him. He noticed that the rope that was used to tie up the donkey’s legs was cutting into his flesh and his right leg was swollen, infected and bleeding — if the donkey didn’t receive medical treatment immediately there would be irreversible damage which might require amputation.

Unfortunately, the sight of donkeys with their legs tied is very common in southern Israel as the local tribal Bedouins there do so to keep their camels and donkeys from running away and getting hit by passing cars. However, this donkey was tied up using thin nylon string and it was cutting deeper and deeper into his skin with every painful step he tried to take.

We arrived at the location and took this gentle donkey back to the Susita sanctuary where the vet gave Eldad a thorough examination including an X-ray to see if there was any serious internal damage, thankfully the vet said that he had been rescued just in time and all Eldad needed was medical treatment and a change of bandages every day.

Eldad is now doing very well and his leg has almost healed completely.

We highly recommend that you visit Eldad's Facebook page and YouTube channel, he does amazing work helping animals in need everywhere he goes!