The story of Or - January 2015

We were trying to locate the white donkey from Lod for a week. Reports about it started coming in several days ago during the freezing storm, but the exact location couldn't be specified. I couldn't help thinking that the cold nights and the fact that the streets will be empty may make it much easier for anyone who wished to hurt the donkey.

Dr Or, the municipal vet for Lod, also received reports about it but even though he sent some people to look for it, it couldn't be located.

Today at lunch time it was finally found and Dr Or informed me that Mr. Meir Edri was going to be waiting there, with the donkey, until my arrival.

At first glance the donkey seemed ok but the sad look in her eyes was an indication that something was still wrong. I had a feeling something bad had happened. It was only when we got back to Pegasus that I realized it was a young female around one year old, had been abused by someone in an unthinkable way – in her private, from which she was still bleeding.

The thought of that horrible week she had gone through, a week spent out in the freezing cold and rain and the humiliation and abuse of this type that she had to endure, simply doesn't leave my mind.  It was very hard to deal with the fact that we might have done more to find her.

A week later the vet came to check on the jenny again. It turned out she quickly recovered, and aside from a few dry scars she is completely healthy with no infection or inflammation. This was excellent news.

She was still in shock, and was understandably very suspicious of  the entire human race.

Later on we decided to name her Or out of 2 reasons: First, as a tribute to Dr. Or Raz, Lod's municipal vet who first got the message about the jenny and arranged for us to save her. Second, since lately Or's mood had improved and she began to play with the other donkeys as befitting a one year old baby, we noticed that her true personality was coming through and her sad and listless eyes are now lit with the light of hope, faith and the understanding that not all is bad. In Hebrew OR means light.